Valiant Leadership Shares 2017 Successes and Plans for 2018

The managers of Valiant Marketing Group, an event-based promotions agency, recently shared the firm's success during 2017. They also discussed their plans and goals for the upcoming year.

“I would certainly say that 2017 has been a strong year for our team,” said Cassie, Valiant Marketing Group’s Director of Operations. “From our branding specialists participating in professional development to our accomplishments for the brands we represent, we’re wrapping up this year on a positive note.”

As Cassie noted, perhaps the biggest achievement for Valiant Marketing Group has been expansion. “Not only did we double in terms of size in 2017, but we’ve helped our team members grow professionally and personally,” she said. “These initiatives have enhanced the results we delivered for our brands, our retailers, and our consumers. In fact, by increasing our standards and the efficiency of our day-to-day operations, we have increased our net profit by 266 percent over the last four quarters! We also successfully launched five new brands this year.”

With a few weeks left in the year, Cassie stated there will be more news to share. “We plan to add two more individuals to our leadership team,” she said. “This raises us to a total of 17 campaign managers.  We are also on track to transition one of our campaign managers into a strategy management role by the end of the year.”

According to Cassie, this growth would not be possible without the team’s commitment to goal setting and the firm’s core values that are central to each campaign they create. “Goal setting is important because it provides our team members with vision and focus for both the short and long term,” she said. “It’s important that the goals we set are measurable so that we can track our progress and re-strategize when necessary.”

“We operate from a place of honesty and transparency in all that we do,” Cassie continued. “Two-way open and honest feedback is what sets us apart. We care deeply about our team’s development and brand growth, so we listen to what matters to them and strive to deliver the results they desire.”

Valiant Marketing Group’s Director of Operations on Future Goals for 2018 and Beyond

While coming off a successful year, Cassie noted that there are already big plans ahead in 2018 for Valiant Marketing Group. “We are currently on track to expand into two new markets by the end of the second quarter,” she stated. “We want to be in four cities total by the end of next year.”

Cassie reiterated that amid this expansion, the team is committed to excellence. “While we grow in size and revenue, we want to make sure that our standards never waver,” she said. “Our team is our most valuable asset, so we want to strengthen our leadership team in terms of strategic thinking and from a cross-functional perspective.”

In the long run, Cassie anticipates the trends from 2017 will continue. “We should be running events in just shy of 20 cities while running 15 events daily at the local level,” she concluded. “The next five years will be big ones. I can’t wait to see how our success continues to roll.”

About Valiant Marketing Group:

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