Valiant Marketing Group Benefits From Conference

​Members of the Valiant Marketing Group team recently attended a rewarding leadership conference. The firm’s Director of Operations discussed the event and the wide-ranging benefits it offered.

A recent conference gave Valiant Marketing Group associates plenty to think about as they work toward their most ambitious goals. Cassie, the firm’s Director of Operations, stated, “We have attended the leadership conference many times but it makes the biggest difference for our newest people. Every time we attend one of these conferences our team comes back pumped and ready to rock.” The Director and her fellow leaders are already planning for the next team travel event.

Some of the concepts covered at the conference promise to help advance the Valiant Marketing Group mission. The Director explained, “Practice pitching is already an exercise we conduct within our office, but learning it directly from our industry leaders is what has made lasting impressions on my newest team members.” The firm’s promotional specialists could gain insight into making products irresistible and creating buying impulses.

Cassie continued, “Due to the invaluable techniques learned at this conference, I know my team will achieve big wins and drive revenues through the roof. This event always proves to be a huge hit with our associates, and we have already instilled some of what we learned into our in-house training.” Company executives are ready to see what the near future holds for Valiant Marketing Group considering these training adjustments. 

Valiant Marketing Group’s Director of Operations Outlines Additional Benefits of Conferences

Among the many positive outcomes of events like the leadership conference, new contacts might be the best. Cassie commented, “Our Valiant Marketing Group associates are quite adept at forging meaningful connections with fellow top performers. They also get to interact with influential leaders at events like these, and they always seem to extract some great advice in the process.” The unexpected opportunities these connections produce are huge boons to the firm’s growth.

Cassie also believes in adaptability as a key trait for successful professionals, and venturing out to conferences and other events helps develop it in Valiant Marketing Group associates. “You have to make adjustments on the fly if you’re going to get the most value out of a big event like this recent conference,” she noted. “Our people learn to prioritize and manage their time even better when they attend these gatherings, because there’s so much to absorb in such a limited time.”

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