Valiant Marketing Group: Goals and Travel Inspire Promotions

Leadership at Valiant Marketing Group announced that several associates have been promoted, and cite the importance of goals and travel to their success. The promotions open several entry-level positions with the firm.

“We strongly believe in promoting from within here at Valiant Marketing Group,” declared Cassie, Director of Operations for the company. “Statistically, it just makes sense: according to a Wharton School of Business study, for example, external hires almost always underperform compared with those who were internally promoted.

Along with data-driven support for internal promotions, Cassie pointed out that it’s a vital part of the firm’s reward system as well. Knowing that leadership positions are always filled internally is what attracts many high achievers to join Valiant Marketing Group, and it continually motivates existing team members. Recent promotions include Amanda, Matt, and Matthew, who have risen through the ranks to campaign management.

How Valiant Marketing Group Leaders Get Ahead

“It often surprises me people think they will advance in their careers without goals. It’s like wanting to go on a trip without a destination in mind,” Cassie explained. “How to develop clear-cut objectives is one of the core skills we teach our Valiant Marketing Group associates, and our recent promotions show just how effective our professional growth initiatives are – when they’re applied.”

Cassie is quick to point out that goal setting has worked for Jennie as well, as she recently returned from a qualifiers-only leadership conference. This is significant not only because Jennie set an ambitious target for herself and hit it, but also because of the benefits that travel can have on a professional’s career.

“We have a lot of traveling going on, which I’m really excited about,” shared Cassie. “Several weekend retreats and out-of-state events are on the calendar for the near future, and everyone at Valiant Marketing Group is working hard to be chosen for these opportunities. Not only do they learn and grow from the chance to see new places and meet new people, but our associates learn valuable best practices and network with the top minds in the industry.”

Finally, the Director shared that all the internal promotions have created some entry-level vacancies in the company including internships. Chris is one of the firm’s current part-time interns and she encouraged any ambitious, team-oriented people to apply, regardless of whether or not they have previous experience in marketing. “With our proven coaching system we can teach the right people everything they need to know to succeed in our business. What we really need are career-oriented go-getters that know a golden opportunity when they see one.”

About Valiant Marketing Group

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