Valiant Marketing Group Recognizes Top Producers With Travel

High achievers at Valiant Marketing Group will soon be enjoying a rest and relaxation event in Las Vegas. The firm's director discussed the impact such high-profile rewards have on growth and team building.

“Of all the incentives we like to give our superstars, travel is my favorite,” stated Cassie, Valiant Marketing Group’s Director of Operations. “There are so many benefits to taking trips, business or otherwise. I’m especially excited that very soon, Sarah, Robin, Manal, Matt, Amanda, Olivia and I will be spending a weekend in Las Vegas.”

Cassie is referring to the highly anticipated rest and relaxation retreat on which Valiant Marketing Group sends its top producers. The weekend will include some much needed downtime, and as the name suggests, it will also include an award ceremony to celebrate benchmarks that have been hit throughout the year.

“Not only that, but those of us who attend will get the chance to know each other a lot better, while also networking with industry leaders from all across the country,” declared Cassie. “We’ll share best practices and swap stories with the sharpest minds in the business, plus we plan on taking in a couple of shows as well. I personally am very excited to see the Jabbawockeez, or maybe the Blue Man Group. Whatever we do, though, I know it’s going to be a blast!”

When asked why these associates were chosen, Cassie explained that each one of them had proven him or herself in a different way. Manal, for example, has great experience in both fieldwork and the industry at large. Both Sarah and Robin have been tremendous pace setters, growing and overcoming any obstacles they faced with a positive mentality. Matt and Amanda have both been extremely proactive in achieving their goals, always striving to better themselves and find success. Olivia, being our HR administrator/recruiter has been a huge asset to Valiant Marketing Group since she started as she is the face of the company.

How Business Travel Inspires Growth and Team Building at Valiant Marketing Group

“I believe that personal growth precedes professional growth, and that the growth of individual Valiant Marketing Group team members leads to the growth of the organization,” Cassie shared. “Which makes business travel an amazingly powerful tool to encourage the expansion of our company. People learn about their industry, each other, and themselves while traveling together, and they always come back to the office with higher expectations for themselves and the firm.”

Those who don’t get to go on the trip get something out of it too, according to Cassie. Not only do the travelling associates bring back what they learn, but being part of an organization that so visibly and generously rewards those who get results creates much stronger bonds in the office.

“The talented people who work here know they are a part of something special, because they see the positive outcomes of effort and teamwork,” Cassie concluded. “These special trips create a sense of community in our colleagues that it would be hard to achieve any other way. Recognizing hard work and watching people grow are two of the things I love most about my job.”

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