Valiant Marketing Group Supports Huntington Beach Community

​The Valiant Marketing Group Director of Operations discussed the team’s charitable giving objectives. Supporting the Huntington Beach community is one of the firm’s goals.

“We take philanthropy seriously,” said Cassie, the Valiant Marketing Group Director of Operations. “We’ve found great success in this region, and the least we can do is give back. There are many ways we do so. For example, we’ve volunteered at the OC Ronald McDonald House. The organization’s McBakers event afforded us the opportunity to bake treats for the families staying at the facility. We’ve also donated to Bright Futures 4 Kids, a child abuse prevention center.”

Cassie indicated that Team Valiant Marketing Group last participated in the McBakers program in mid-March. Four to 10 associates do so on a quarterly basis. The Bright Futures 4 Kids contribution occurred in June. Team members gave pillows, bedding, heat and ice packs, hair irons, massagers, and other useful items. The company Director pointed out that although everyone in the group is involved in philanthropic activities, Sarah in particular exemplifies commitment and enthusiasm for giving back.

"We're dedicated to positive change."

Cassie, Director

How Valiant Marketing Group Practices Social Responsibility, With an Emphasis on Children

“When we set giving goals, our focus often lands on children,” Cassie continued. “Helping them is important to us because they are too young to make decisions for themselves and aren’t in the best of situations. We hope the children we help will be inspired by our support, and that it will motivate them to do big things and pass kindness to others. We really do believe it takes a village to raise a child.”

According to Cassie, the Valiant Marketing Group village is full of support between team members. They consistently help each other grow and advance in the organization. The village concept also applies to the Huntington Beach community, however. Collective effort is needed to take responsibility, act, and make a difference.

“We set a lot of goals, but our giving objectives are especially meaningful,” Cassie concluded. “We’re dedicated to positive change. Our plans for the future include continued work with the Ronald McDonald House as well as Bright Futures 4 Kids. We also intend to help more with the environment. The Huntington Beach Surfrider Foundation does a beach cleanup every Sunday, and we’re looking forward to the next one. On top of that, we’re assisting the Shipley Nature Reserve with habitat maintenance in Orange County. It may seem like a lot to manage, but when we commit ourselves to something we go big!”

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