Valiant Marketing Group Travels to Dominican Republic

Top producers for Valiant Marketing Group recently enjoyed an all-inclusive rest and relaxation retreat in Punta Cana. The firm's Director shared details of the trip and discussed the unique networking opportunities it provided.

“Travel opportunities are among the most exciting perks we offer our hard-working associates,” stated Cassie, Valiant Marketing Group’s Director of Operations. “One month might find us driving to another office for cross-training, and some time later we’re flying off to meet some of the biggest names in our industry. That’s the case with our most recent trip, an all-expenses-paid trip to Punta Cana in the Dominican Republic, for which Mison and Kayla both qualified.”

The trip was a chance to enjoy some well-earned rest and relaxation, of which Cassie, Mison, and Kayla took full advantage. The ladies gleefully recalled dancing, fire-blowing, a photo booth, and even a lazy river to ride down in the resort’s pool area. Along with the festivities, there was a prestigious awards ceremony, and the chance to mingle with highly successful professionals. 

“We’ve heard about many of the people at the retreat, but we’d never met them before, so being able to put faces to names and meet the biggest players in the game was a life-changing experience,” Cassie explained. “Rather than just characters from a story, these became real people to us – which is incredibly motivating. If they can achieve that level of success, then so can we!”

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While rest and relaxation are almost requirements when visiting an all-inclusive Punta Cana resort, one of the most important benefits of the trip was the chance to network. Relationships are at the heart of the human experience, let alone success in the business world, and the chance to meet industry leaders from all over the world was worth any effort it took Team Valiant Marketing Group to qualify for the trip. 

“Hanging out in the Dominican Republic with marketing geniuses from across the globe – that’s my idea of networking!” stated Cassie. “In all seriousness though, how often do people get the chance to meet such a distinguished group of professionals, let alone exchange ideas, names, and phone numbers? The contacts we made in Punta Cana are the kinds that change a career for the better, and I’m proud that being a part of Valiant Marketing Group provides that type of opportunity.”

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